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Announcing the release of Cindy's recently released book, The Essential Guide to Bullying: Prevention and Intervention, which she co-authored with Cynthia Lowen, the co-filmmaker, producer and writer of the documentary film, Bully, and includes a foreward by Phylicia Rashad.

This comprehensive guide provides readers with insights into what bullying is all about in the 21st century, from the most mild to the most severe. The book explores all aspects and angles of bullying, from verbal and relational to physical, as well as to cyber-bullying.

We examine the signs and symptoms that children or teens may exhibit who are bullies themselves, who are being targeted or victimized by more aggressive kids, as well as those who are both bullies as well as victims. In addition, we explore the bully "triangle," which encompasses the bully (or aggressor), the target (victim) and the bystander (one who witnesses what's going on, but is not directly involved in the aggression)'s a fluid dynamic - and one which impacts everyone.


The Essential Guide to Bullying: Prevention and Intervention, offers numerous prevention strategies, both at home, as well as in school and in the community-at-large. In addition, numerous intervention strategies are shared that can help empower those who are vulnerable to targeting as well as to help turn more aggressive kids around, in addition to ways to help transform bystanders into upstanders.

We take a look at government legislation, grass-roots campaigns and the efforts of people everywhere who are banding together to create cultural and attitudinal shifts that reject the acceptance of bullying behaviors as being just part of growing up.

The Essential Guide to Bullying: Prevention and Intervention, co-authored by Cindy S. Miller, LCSW and Cynthia Lowen, is available at bookstores everywhere, beginning September 4, 2012 and at